Start a new project at home with tree cutting and landscaping service from Underwood Landscaping and Tree Service in Farmington, Missouri.

Tree Trimming

Groom any grounds to your preference with experience commercial and residential landscaping service. We trim trees, remove brush, create natural canopies, and prune fruit trees for better yield. Clearing your yard and driveway of potential hazards may reduce home and auto insurance or raise property value. From start to finish, our work is clean and tidy.


Customize your porch and patio with mulching, flowerbeds, and ornamental retaining walls. Landscaping options include flower plants, ornamental shrubs, and fish pond if necessary. We beautify the grounds of any home or office to capture attention and give a charming reflection of the property. Use our service if you are looking to sell your property or attract customers.

Home Improvement

Yard work may just be the start, so Underwood Landscaping and Tree Service in Farmington, Missouri, offers gutter cleaning and general repairs to complete the job.


Along with removing and hauling of natural debris, we handle gutter cleaning and repairs for free flowing drainage no matter the weather conditions. For enhanced protection, we install leaf guards on the gutters so it prevents from debris to entering the gutter and still having a smooth flow of water through the downspout.

Yard Work

No matter how big or small your home or business, we handle all forms of routine manual yard work, including raking, hauling, burning leaves, cutting grass, and weed pulling. We also work with minor interior and exterior home renovations.

General Repairs

Count on our experienced contractors to complete general repairs to your home’s interior and exterior. For your convenience, we work around your schedule to repair patios, rebuild steps, creating new decks. We also complete minor plumbing repair work, including leaky faucets, water heaters, water lines, kitchen repairs, new toilets, bathroom sinks, windows, and much more.

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